About EcoloBlue

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Since 2007, EcoloBlue has been sustaining and supporting Water issues worldwide with our patented EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs). Our products provide environmentally conscious, energy efficient and user-friendly Water solutions for homes and offices, any business industry requiring large volumes of potable Water, and emergency or disaster relief situations.


EcoloBlue products range from home/office units that generate 30L/8Gal of water per day, to commercial/industrial units that generate 10kL/2.64kGal of water per day, to customizable Water Stations that generate millions of liters of water per day.

We are a world leader in generating Water from the air for large industrial volumes of potable Water. Most importantly, our AWGs generate Water under 15C/59F and with less than 30% relative humidity with out state of the art technology. There is growing Water crisis worldwide that ranges from Water contamination, lack of water due to main breaks, to complete Water shortages, which can all be resolved or sustained with EcoloBlue’s solutions. EcoloBlue has distribution in 17 countries, and a customer base that spans worldwide. We are the leader in the home/office AWG market with thousands of customers in the US alone.

  • UN Global Compact Supporter

  • Japan Certificated Food Quarantine

  • ROHS compliant

  • CE certified

  • Water is 99.9% pure and meets or exceeds the standards for the military, EPA and WHO.