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How It Works

From Moisture to Machine. It’s That Simple.

Getting quality drinking water is simpler than ever — it’s waiting all around us. Using atmospheric humidity, the ecoloblue eb30 gathers moisture, puts it through a 12-step filter and UV light screen process, then dispenses with 99.9% purity.


Power up your ecoloblue machine through any standard outlet or our solar panel kit



Access pure water your way and select between Hot or Cold, Alkaline, or Carbonated



Taste pure water from air.


Why ecoloblue?

By converting moisture from the air into 99.9% pure drinking water, we are able to provide a sustainable solution that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Be healthy, save money, and be kind to the Earth.

Operate our machines with electricity or solar energy. No water line connection needed, and anyone can access pure water from the air anywhere.

By removing 99.9% of contaminants and providing alkaline water, we offer a health conscious solution for pure drinking water.

By using moisture from the air to produce pure drinking water, our machines reduce reliance on the earth's natural resources, decaying infrastructure, and plastic water bottles.

Bottled spring water is estimated to cost the average person between $500 to more than a $1,000 a year while doing significant harm to the environment.
Comparably, our machines have an estimated annual maintenance cost of $120. Over 5 years, the average person will have saved between an estimated $1,000 to $3,500!

Produces 7 Gallons of 99.9% Pure Drinking Water a Day
State of Art Technology
Modern LCD Screen
Mobility with 4 wheels
Works with Solar Panel Technology

We Deliver Safe, Sustainable & Pure Drinking Water to the World.

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Water Is Waiting.
Everywhere for Everyone.

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